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How To Prevent Unwanted Attention Whilst Living In Thailand? – Tips by The International TEFL Organization

Tourist Police TIPS for a safe holiday in Thailand

“When Tourists get in trouble, it’s usually because they gave trouble a chance…”

  • Keep cash, credit cards & valuables in your reception lock box.
  • Never accept drinks or food of any kind from strangers.
  • Keep your passport, cash and valuables on your person when sleeping in a bus,
  • Before renting cars, motorbikes or Jet skis, list any damage on the rental agreement and sign/ Take photos.
  • Never give the original of your passport as guarantee to a vehicle renter.
  • Use only ATM machines in malls and at banks.
  • When going out at night, only take the cash and valuables you need.
  • When going on a Tour, chose well known reputable companies.
  • Tourist Police, Your Best Friend, call 1155

​*Thai “Losing Face” syndrome

Don’t get angry, raise your voice and cause a scene. this can land you in a lot more trouble than you thought…. No point stressing…. The “Thai Smile” is something that becomes common knowledge when you live here for a lengthy period of time. Thai’s do not like confrontations. If you have an issue, problem or just general unhappinness over a certain issue, do not lose your temper and lash out. They will simply look at you and smile. As a foreigner, you may take this the wrong way, and it may appear they are somehow mocking you. But they are not! This is just their way of being. To resolve any issues, remain calm, talk it through with them and come across friendly. You will get much further this way than exploding your rage and fire. If you ask for a manager directly, this will also in their eyes, be a way of losing face. Try pursue every possible angle with the person you are dealing with before you ask for management.

*In an Emergency

If you find yourself facing a problem you’ll find that nearly everyone will want to try to help you. You are a guest in Thailand and your concern is shared by all of the people around you, even total strangers. DO NOT BECOME ANGRY. Whether you are Right or wrong you will be treated with full respect as long as you remain calm and act friendly. REMAIN POLITE AT ALL TIMES, KEEP A SMILE while working at solving your problem. A smile will take you further than you can imagine and you will be treated with respect. Becoming upset and angry will automatically produce results harmful to your cause.

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***For general safety, always carry some form of ID with you at all times – either a photocopy of your passport, or take a picture of your passport ID page and save it on your smarphone… If something (touch wood!) ever happens to you, its important that people are able to identify you***
*Don’t tell every person your life story – some details are not meant to be shared – Don’t give out details regarding where you are staying, exact dates on how long you are staying for…..Be wary of other travellers – you’re always warned about the dangers with the local people, the people that you should be fearful of are the other travellers!!!

*As a single traveller, be careful who you bring back to your place! Remember, you don’t know people from a bar of soap! when you are staying in a hotel room, you have all your belongings – practically your entire life, in your suitcase. These items include – passport, money & credit cards, personal valuables and everything else you have to see you through your stay in Thailand. The last thing you want is to wake up in the morning and find all your belongings gone!!!!
*Female Travellers – To Avoid unwanted attention!

Many Thai men will feel the urge to ask you your name, where you are from and if you have a boyfriend! To avoid any kind of unwanted attention, just say to them you do have a boyfriend (even if you don’t!) as this way they will not try to pursue anything longer.

Of course if you find a man you are interested in, they will treat you like a queen! They will carry your handbag for you (yes, your handbag!) wherever you walk, when you want to dance in a club or just generally as you walk around with them. They will send you love messages daily, and at least ten times a day, and they will pay for your meals and everything else. If you want an equal relationship, whereby you pay your own way and he pays his, this you have to make clear from the start and explain that in your culture, this is how it works.

It is important to note that Thai men are notorious for having more than 1 girl at a time – Sometimes they have their wife, a girlfriend, as well as a fling on the side… However, if this is unacceptable to you, you make this clear from the start as well. They will want to take you to their home and introduce you (with pride) to their Mothers and family as a whole…

If you are in a relationship with a Thai man, be very careful and aware of your actions. They do not want to carry you over their shoulder to get you home after a heavy night out – they do admire a woman that shows, what we would call, ‘self respect’ – not blacking out, but rather controlling their alcohol intake. Do not flirt with other men in front of them and be faithful to them.

Breakups can be a hard thing to battle with – especially with the whole ‘losing face’ thing. You can’t just say that you don’t like them anymore and want to break up. You have to say that perhaps the cultural differences are too much to handle, and that you may not stay in Thailand much longer. You can find many blogs on the internet relating to breaking up with Thai men!!! The same goes for men, be careful with your Thai girlfriend, and be prepared for a few splashes of jealousy!!

Other than this, we wish you a pleasant, safe and incredibly stay here in Thailand!! Enjoy the culture, adapt to the smiles, and learn how to deal with ‘losing face’! It could save you a lot of trouble in the long run!!!