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Degree or No Degree That Is The Question – International TEFL Organization

There’s a LOT of confusion around this issue!

Officially, you need a BA or BSc Degree to obtain a teaching permit in order to teach legally in any country.. However, there are a few exceptions to this requirement. Here are the 3 main exceptions:

# 1. If you do not have a BA Degree, your employer can apply for a provisional teaching permit, which lasts for two years. The rules for this permit are confusing and we got different answers from a number of officials we contacted.

# 2. Your school or employer has a good relationship with the Department of Labour and the Ministry of Education. If they can demonstrate that you are a suitable candidate for the position and they desperately need an English teacher, then a teachers license and work permit will be issued.

# 3. There are countless private and corporate opportunities to teach English where a BA degree is NOT a legal requirement. In this case you may be employed as a ‘consultant’ and not as a ‘teacher.

Remember, If you visit schools in person, present yourself properly, and can demonstrate enthusiasm for teaching, you WILL be offered teaching work, with or without a BA degree, especially in late April and October, when the new school terms begin.